Ordinary Sinner

I have no idea what the hell this movie is about. I barely understand the plot of the movie, and I have no clue what is going on with the characterization of anyone. And I can’t even begin to explain the ending. But Elizabeth Banks is in it, so that’s a win!


Everyone loves threesomes, until someone dies!

So here’s the plot as near as I can figure, including spoilers for the ending because it makes so little sense that to “spoil” it is seems likely impossible. Brendan Hines plays Peter, a former seminary student who lost his faith and is now working at a pizza parlor. He has two friends Alex, played by Kris Park, and Rachel, Elizabeth Banks in one of her very first roles. And he’s really good friends with gay Episcopalian priest, A Martinez. So Peter left seminary because he was friends with a gay guy who accidentally killed someone who was bullying or harassing him or something (I think it was supposed to be homophobic bullying, but the movie was not particularly clear on this point, or any points). Peter and Rachel start having sex, and then Alex seemingly starts pushing for the threesome. There’s also a subplot about anti-gay hate crimes taking place in the town. Then the priest is murdered because someone put piles of rocks in the part of a lake where the priest likes to dive. And, I swear to you, his death is done so subtly that I didn’t realize he had died until at least fifteen minutes after the fact. At least put some blood in the lake! Everyone thinks it was whomever was behind the anti-gay hate crimes, but eventually it turns out to be Alex because he thought the priest would convince Peter to go back to seminary and not have threesomes (I kid you not). Then Alex commits suicide in a way that doesn’t actually make it seem like he is dead (it’s like this movie is deliberately homaging the Friday the 13th films). And then everyone goes home.

To say I am baffled by this movie would be an understatement. What the hell was all of that? I guess homophobia was just a red herring? And I have no clue if we’re supposed to think Alex is gay and in love with Peter (in which case why isn’t he killing Rachel), or maybe bisexual and in love with both of them, or who knows what?

I barely understand these plot points as just narrative moments that exist, let alone how they interact and reach whatever the hell that was as the climax. And I’m not sure there’s a theme to be found considering the film spends a lot of time talking about small town homophobia only for it to be completely irrelevant in the end. But hey, Elizabeth Banks gives a decent enough performance even though she has almost nothing to do except have sex with Brendan Hines and then listen to him talk about dead gay guys he’s friends with.

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